Acoura Certification 

Alongside our extensive range of non-accredited services, Acoura’s businesses are able to offer our customers a wide range of certification schemes.

Currently, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredit us against ISO 17065, while Accreditation Services International (ASI) also accredit us against ISO Guide 65 for a number of the marine certification schemes we offer.

We are frequently audited by these internationally recognised accreditation bodies to ensure that the services we provide to our customers are technically competent and meet all of their quality criteria.

The senior management of Acoura's divisions are committed to maintaining certification delivery that is impartial and free of outside influence.

To find out more about our certification credentials or commitment to impartiality please contact us today. 


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About Acoura

We offer specialist services and solutions aimed at protecting businesses who operate across the food and drink supply chain.


Whether you're a farmer, fisherman, food processor or publican we can reduce your compliance burden, protect your brand and help your business grow. 

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