Acoura Management Team

Fiona Calder - Group Accreditation Manager

Fiona is responsible for ensuring Acoura's certification divisions operate at the highest possible level and maintain the required level of accreditation. 

Stephen Sanderson - Agriculture Operations Manager

An experienced farmer and farm assurance assessor, Stephen works closely with our specialist teams to lead the development and improvement of our agriculture interests. 

Fiona Dargie - Head of Processing and Product Assurance 

Formerly with Tesco, Fiona is responsible for overseeing the development and management of our processing services. She also works across the supply chain on a number of key projects. 

Chris Hammond - Customer Director

Working across Acoura's divisions, Chris supports commercial development and manages our marketing and promotional activities through a number of mediums. 

Katrina Hynd - Group Finance and Personnel Manager

Katrina's key responsibilities include the provision of financial accounting services to Acoura's divisions and Client Organisations. She also works to ensure that we comply with current HR legislation.

Matthew James - Aquaculture Manager

Matthew manages operational requirements and service provision within the aquaculture department of Acoura Marine.  

Paul Macintyre - Aquaculture Services Director

Responsible for the provision of Acoura Marine audit services worldwide, Paul is also a senior auditor and approved trainer with 20+ years of practical aquaculture sector experience. 



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