Case Study - McIntosh Donald

Acoura have been working with premier burger makers McIntosh Donald (part of the 2 Sisters Food Group) for a number of years now.

Based in Portlethen just outside Aberdeen and operating since 1904, McIntosh Donald specialise in producing high quality steak burgers for supply at both supermarkets and butcher’s shops across the UK.

McIntosh Donald’s Technical Manager Carol Aitken is tasked with ensuring the processing plant not only operates to the highest standards, but that it is also gains the desired industry certification every year.

In previous years, Carol has used Acoura to audit the plant, often using our qualified assessors to combine inspections.

Carol said: “Combining the audits makes sense for both parties: in a climate when costs are increasing it is refreshing to see that there is an organisation that is trying to work with you and save you time and money.”

In 2012, the group combined Beef Labelling, BRC, SOPA Organic and QMS audits for McIntosh Donald, meaning that all their key assessments could be carried out over one period rather than have to accommodate four individual inspections.

As well as providing this level of expertise in assurance, Acoura also offers year round support for clients who need advice on technical issues.

Carol explained: “I enjoy dealing with Acoura; most of my involvement with them has been through Anita Feely (Scheme Manager BRC, BL and QMS) who was always very efficient and pleasant.

“Duncan Perry has audited us for most of the Acoura site audits I have been involved with and I found him professional and fair. We quite like having the same auditor back on site, as they can see the improvements we have made on the previous year and appreciate the work and time involved.”

To find out more about how Acoura can help provide you with assurance and industry support contact us today.


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