Quality Meat Scotland 

Early pioneers of farm assurance, Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) has industry leading schemes which cover the full red meat supply chain. Over 90% of the livestock farmed in Scotland, an industry worth over £2 billion a year, are assured to their standards. 

Acoura’s Agriculture and Processing Division have been working with QMS for almost 20 years, with our team providing a complete range of management services for all of their assurance schemes. 

From the scheduling and provision of over 9,000 inspections, to day-to-day call handling, reporting and certification, to the training of assessment teams, we work to ensure the integrity of their brand is maintained at all times.

In addition to these operational responsibilities, our senior staff work with QMS at a strategic level, providing assistance with their technical standards while also working with them to help strengthen the integrity of their brand. 

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