With over 1000 stores and £24 billion of revenue, Sainsbury’s are the third largest supermarket chain in the UK, serving an estimated 23 million customers every week.

Over a third of Sainsbury's stores have a butcher’s counter selling a variety of meat products and cuts. Because of this the supermarket is one of the largest suppliers of red meat to the public. To ensure that their beef is traceable, labelled correctly and legally compliant, Sainsbury’s require spot check audits on a quarter of these, as well as similar audits at depots and abattoirs involved in their supply chain.

Working across the UK, our teams visit the required sites and work with both Sainsbury’s and their suppliers to ensure any potential quality issues are addressed swiftly and correctly.  

By doing this we can provide Sainsbury’s with an overview of their beef supply chain, strengthening the integrity of their product and ensuring it meets the relevant legal requirements for sale.

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