Reminder: Grandfather Rights to be Replaced

15 May, 2015

All farmers should be aware that Grandfather Rights for Spray Operators (GFRS) are set to be replaced by industry recognised certificates.

Operators should now take a PA1, PA2A test or look to gain a Level 2 Qualification. One of these options must be completed by the 26th November 2015 if a grower currently operating under GFRS wants to continue spraying.

The new Level 2 Qualification is specially designed for those who were previously exempt under GFRS, however only candidates born before the 31st December 1964 are eligible. The qualification is based on a workbook of required knowledge which can be studied at the candidate’s convenience. This is followed by verbal questioning and a practical competency assessment which will include the ability to calibrate a sprayer from first principles.

The assessment consists of four units, three of which are optional. The units cover everything from the safe handling of pesticides to the operation of machinery.

The workbook is comprehensive and should arm candidates with the required knowledge to pass the test. Cost may vary, but City and Guilds can supply you with a list of testing centres.

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