Pubs and Restaurants need to address growing consumer demand for quality assurance

5 April, 2016
Stuart Kelly

At a time when processors and supermarkets are being pressured by consumers to deliver higher levels of quality assurance, Acoura believe pubs and restaurants need to offer greater supply chain transparency to reassure customers about product provenance and traceability.

Recent raids and searches carried out by Europol and Interpol uncovered 10,000 tonnes of illicit foods across 57 countries, with finds ranging from monkey meat to chicken intestines preserved in formaldehyde. The discoveries have raised more questions about supply chain integrity and the growing threat of food fraud.

Stuart Kelly, director at food safety company Acoura comments: “DEFRA’s statistics suggest around half of consumers look for a quality assurance label when buying food products.  While we increasingly see these labels in supermarkets, they’re not so visible in the pub and restaurant sector.

“Being a member of organisations like the Scotch Beef Club, or getting involved in schemes or standards such as Marine Stewardship Council’s Chain of Custody, Red Tractor or the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s Quality Standard Mark, means operators can use logos on their menus to reassure customers about areas such as sustainability, traceability, provenance and of course, quality.

“By using these labels correctly consumers can tell that the meat they are ordering is exactly what it claims to be and can be traced right back to farm or fishery. Non-labelled meat products will always be open to question, despite high standards from the operator.”

“The use, public recognition and importance of quality assurance labels has grown immeasurably in recent years and this trend is set to continue. With this in mind pubs and restaurants need to be more proactive about embracing these labels.  By meeting the relevant criteria they can make a real statement about supply chain transparency and their commitment to serving quality food,” he said.

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