Acoura certify first land based salmon farm for ASC

14 November, 2016

Polish aquaculture producer Jurassic Salmon has become the first land based salmon farm to achieve ASC certification.

Based near Janowo, West Pomerania, Jurassic Salmon has been operating since 2013. Additionally, they are the world’s first fully organic Atlantic salmon farm using thermal water from 150 million years ago.

Michal Kowalski, Jurassic Salmon’s Production Manager said of the certification;

“We have a number of customers interested in ASC certified fish and we feel being certified will be of benefit to us. The certification process itself was also helpful as it helped us to identify areas of our production process we could improve upon.”

Martin Gill, Acoura Marine’s Managing Director said of the certification;

“Jurassic Salmon are an innovative and important producer and we’re delighted to have been involved in this project. It’s becoming increasingly clear that retailers and processors are looking for ASC certification and I have no doubts that Jurassic Salmon will see increased demand for their fish because of their successful audit.”

To finds out more about Jurassic Salmon please visit their website HERE. For more information on how Acoura can help you with your aquaculture certification needs contact us today at

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