Acoura Website migrating to Lloyd's Register sites

22 March, 2019

As part of Acoura’s rebrand to Lloyd’s Register, this website’s content will be migrated over to Lloyd’s Register’s sites during April, 2019.

The Acoura website will run concurrently for several weeks before being switched off when all relevant pages are transferred successfully.

Global services have already been transferred, to with UK specific services moving to Current customers and prospective customers should be aware that the mainline office number remains unchanged and you will still be able to contact us on +44(0)330 024 0255.

Additionally, while Acoura staff emails addresses will be changed to Lloyd’s Register addresses they will run as dual accounts for a transitional period to ensure we remain easy to contact.

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About Acoura

We offer specialist services and solutions aimed at protecting businesses who operate across the food and drink supply chain.


Whether you're a farmer, fisherman, food processor or publican we can reduce your compliance burden, protect your brand and help your business grow. 

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