Acrylamide Warning for Food Businesses

23 January, 2017

Today the Food Standard Agency launched ‘Go for Gold’, a consumer campaign aimed at raising awareness of the potential dangers of Acrylamide. Underpinned by leading scientific research the campaign aims to provide clear advice to consumers on how to minimise the risks of the chemical occurring when cooking.

Acrylamide is formed when certain foods are cooked at a high temperature for a prolonged period. Starchy foods such as potatoes and bread which are toasted, roasted, fried or baked are particularly prone to Acrylamide. Research suggests that the chemical could potentially pose a health risk to humans and may cause cancer, so efforts to reduce risk is highly advisable wherever possible.  

Acoura’s Strategic Adviser Lisa Ackerley has been working on ways to reduce Acrylamide risk and says the industry is close to producing clear advice for businesses: 

"The food industry has been working on reduction of Acrylamide in products for several years, and manufacturers’ cooking instructions reflect this. The BHA, with other stakeholders is developing an Industry Guide to Acrylamide which will give simple, practical advice on how to reduce levels from purchase through to service. To be endorsed by the FSA and FSS, this guide will set standards for businesses and enforcement officers.”

While consumer advice on reducing the risk of Acrylamide can be found on the Food Standards Agency website, Acoura’s industry partners The British Hospitality Association recommend restaurants, pubs and other public providers take the following simple precautions:

  • Where possible buy low starch potatoes if they are to be used for frying or roasting (rather than boiling and mashing)
  • Cook foods such as toast, bread, biscuits, chips and roast potatoes to light rather than dark colours – go for Gold
  • Always follow manufacturers’ cooking instructions
  • Fry foods at lower temperatures
  • Decrease the cooking time when possible
  • Blanch potatoes before frying them
  • Avoid overheating oils and fats
  • Frequently change oils and fats
  • Don’t store potatoes in the fridge
  • Avoid bruised potatoes

Working across the food and drink supply chain, Acoura’s experts can help hospitality providers provide their customers with advice aimed at ensuring their customers are safeguarded from harm.  

To find out more about how we can help you protect your customers from harm contact us on +44(0)330 024 0255.


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