SALSA launches new Beer Module

30 June, 2015

SALSA plus Beer is a new edition of the SALSA Standard aimed at the UK’s small and independent brewers and bottlers. SALSA plus Beer launches today.     

Developed in tandem with Cask Marque, and welcomed by key trade bodies including The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA). The new SALSA plus Beer module offers small and micro-breweries a certification tailored to their scale of operation and which demonstrates they are serious about the three major concerns of buyers – safety, quality and consistency.

Cask Marque have been striving to improve the quality of cask beer sold in pubs since they were established in 1997. Cask Marque had been looking for an independent food safety approval scheme to extend and formalise this valuable trade-funded assurance to ensure the quality of beer at the brewery gate.  Paul Nunny, Cask Marque Director says, ‘There was no brewery accreditation scheme for the small and micro producer – which has now been addressed.  The SALSA plus Beer option will contribute to ensuring the long-term success, reputation and sustainability of this rapidly growing sector.’

For SIBA, which represents over 800 UK brewers, the new SALSA plus Beer module will give all independent brewers and bottlers a quality standard they can aspire to. To support its members, SIBA will shortly be launching its own Certificate of Food Safety and Quality Management which is intended to complement and provide a stepping stone towards the new SALSA plus Beer Module. Mike Benner, Managing Director of SIBA says ‘It’s important we work together to respond to the increasing demand from retailers for an independent assessment scheme specifically geared towards smaller brewers and provide the support required for brewers of all sizes to engage with the process.’

From a buyer’s perspective, they need the confidence that the growing number of local or regional craft beers they list are meeting industry standards.  With the industry reporting upwards of 1,400 brewing businesses now registered with HMRC, the risk of a few less quality-focussed businesses tarnishing the reputation of the whole sector is something to guard against if the rise in popularity is to be sustained.

SALSA is the UK’s leading food safety certification scheme for small and micro food and drink producers and has recently growing number of breweries joining the Scheme.  Sally Ball, SALSA Scheme Manager commented, ‘The SALSA plus Beer option is a very exciting development for us.  We’ve been aware for some time now, that this rapidly growing sector needed a Standard which was tailored to the particular framework of small and micro brewers, and one that also addresses the needs of buyers.’

Chris Grimes, SALSA Scheme Director believes, ‘as more small and independent brewers recognise the benefits of being in the Scheme, this can only result in an upwards movement in standards and, most importantly, the wide availability of consistent quality local beers for the trade and consumer.’

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