19 December, 2012

Ashley Tait has a wealth of experience dealing with processors in need of technical expertise and assistance.  Recently appointed as SFQC’s...
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Signs of the times - will your business have to comply in Jan 2013?
14 December, 2012

Back in 2003, the International Standard for Organization (ISO) created the EN 7010 with the intention to use common symbols, which are internationally...
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Darker nights, adverse weather and Christmas is on its way
7 November, 2012

Two weeks ago the clocks went back, we're experiencing colder weather and shelves in my local shops seem to be filled with Christmas gifts. It won't be long...
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Focus on Farmers' Markets
29 October, 2012

Douglas Watson, Project Manager at Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society, has played a key role in helping to grow and improve farmers’...
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The Paralympic Legacy
10 September, 2012

Surely one of the most important legacies that the Paralympics will leave us is a heightened awareness and a better understanding of people with disabilities...
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Cutting corners in relation to health and safety can cost lives
30 August, 2012

Pat Perry, the Executive Chairman at leading environmental health consultants, Perry Scott Nash, has fired a warning shot at industry, claiming that bosses who...
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Dealing with violence and aggression
15 June, 2012

With a busy summer of sport ahead and the associated drinking within pubs, staff need to be aware and properly trained in issues relating to violence and...
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Legionella and Legionnaires disease - dangers and control methods
15 June, 2012

As authorities in Edinburgh scramble to locate the source of the Legionnaires' disease outbreak that has claimed the life of two people and infected a further...
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Pubs need to take the lead on issues of violence involving dogs
14 June, 2012

Health and safety experts, Perry Scott Nash (PSN), have identified a worrying trend relating to violence in pubs involving customers and their dogs. Recent...
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Euro 2012 - Make sure it doesn't kick-off in your pub
13 June, 2012

Between Friday 8th June and Wednesday 1st July 2012 Poland and the Ukraine play host to the European Football Championships. Between these dates the football...
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E.Coli crackdown high on EHO agenda?
2 April, 2012

Food operators are being warned of an apparent crackdown by EHOs, and encouraged to do everything they can to eliminate E.Coli by implementing recommended...
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Handling accidents and incidents is a responsibility that employers must take seriously
15 February, 2012

Accidents by their very nature do and will happen, however there are courses of action that you can follow to reduce the likelihood of them occurring as well...
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