Most common Health and Safety issues revealed
30 December, 2013

Pat Perry, Executive Chairman of leading health and safety consultants, Perry Scott Nash, takes you on a tour of a typical pub or restaurant and shares a few...
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Labelling Regulations to change
13 December, 2013

Guest blogger Scott Kerr, of solicitors McClure Naismith, writes about upcoming food labelling regulations and how the changes will impact the meat...
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Health & safety ruins Christmas party time...oh no it doesn't!
11 December, 2013

The Christmas period should be a great time for businesses in the hospitality sector, but it also brings with it it's fair range of challenges. So, what are...
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Introducing SQWV
10 December, 2013

We all want food that is safe and tastes good but many of us now want more information about what we eat. Whether dining out, or buying from a butcher or...
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The lull after, and before the Christmas storm
25 November, 2013

Earlier this week I walked into a store to be greeted with Christmas Carols, I have to say there's a time and a place for Christmas about...
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Bonfire night and fireworks fire safety
1 November, 2013

Perry Scott Nash Associates' Senior Fire Safety Consultant advises that if you discover a fire, no matter what size or stage the fire is at, you should call...
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Taking Certification to the Seychelles
29 October, 2013

From the far flung reaches of Russia, to the shores of the Mediterranean, our team have worked across a number of diverse, exotic and unforgettable locations...
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Increased health and safety risks due to adverse weather conditions
22 October, 2013

Next week the clocks will go back, we're already experiencing colder weather and shelves in shops seem to be filled with Christmas gifts. It won't be long...
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Improving Waste Management through a Waste Minimisation Scheme
21 October, 2013

Every 90 minutes in the UK we produce enough waste to fill a swimming pool. Of this, 73% goes to landfill when up to 90% could be recycled, composted or used...
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Compliance challenges in the construction industry
27 September, 2013

It's been extremely pleasing to see the continuous improvement of the construction sector over recent months and to see the signs of economic improvement,...
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Serving Raw Meat - The Law and the guidance
24 September, 2013

Perhaps the most contentious subject debated in kitchens up and down the country this year is the ability of chefs to serve raw meat to customers...without...
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Changes to Red Tractor Dairy Scheme Standards
18 September, 2013

Red Tractor’s Assurance For Farms Dairy Scheme have recently updated their standards, leading to a number of changes which will directly affect the...
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Unannounced BRC Audits – Prepare Properly
5 September, 2013

ASDA have been the first of the major multiples to announce that processors supplying them with own brand products can expect unannounced BRC audits. In terms...
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The Importance of SPSG’s MSC Recertification
29 August, 2013

Earlier in the year, following an MSC Fisheries inspection from FCI, the Scottish Pelagic Sustainability Group’s (SPSG) North Sea Herring Fishery was...
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Scotland’s Salmon Success
27 August, 2013

Scottish salmon has long been one of aquaculture’s greatest success stories. For a small nation to be the biggest aquaculture producer in the European...
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Grandfather Rights Set To Change
23 August, 2013

Whether you’re a member of one of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Schemes, or Scottish Quality Crops, Grandfather Rights will play a big part in how you...
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Drink flairing techniques - Best practice
16 August, 2013

Pat Perry, Executive Chairman at leading health and safety consultants, Perry Scott Nash, is warning bar owners and mixologists over the use of excessive, or...
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Packaging – Friend or Foe?
5 August, 2013

While out shopping the other day I spotted a cucumber. This was no ordinary cucumber though, it was a cucumber shrink-wrapped in plastic. Horror of horrors I...
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How to achieve a 5 star rating for your food business
4 August, 2013

Pat Perry, Executive Chairman of leading health and safety consultants, Perry Scott Nash, helps you better understand what you need to achieve ahead of your...
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Children's Play Area Safety - The Hidden Dangers
2 August, 2013

"Outdoor areas in pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes can provide huge business benefits and offer great opportunities for customers to experience outdoor...
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A Top Tips guide to Risk Assessments
31 July, 2013

"The process of a Risk Assessment can be described as a careful examination of what, in your workplace, could cause harm to your employees or others, the...
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A Top Tips guide to handling and preventing violence at work
30 July, 2013

"Violence at work is very much a health and safety issue. If your employees are likely to be subjected to violence whilst at work, you have a duty of care as...
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A Top Tips guide to reducing accidents due to slips, trips and falls
23 July, 2013

"Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injuries at work and can happen almost anywhere and did you know that 95% of major slips result in broken...
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Supplier Audits Reduce Food Processor Risks
15 July, 2013

If this year’s horsemeat saga has taught us anything about the food processing industry it’s that a little extra assurance can really improve both...
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What is the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme?
10 July, 2013

SFQC are one of only two certification bodies currently able to offer assessments for the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS). The aim of the scheme is to...
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Testing the Water in Turkey
8 July, 2013

With 34 aquaculture units producing over 30,000 tonnes of fish each year, Turkey’s Kiliç Group are one of Europe’s leading seafood...
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How to Prepare for your Farm Assurance Assessment
24 June, 2013

Farm assurance assessments don’t have to be stressful experiences. In fact if you spend a little time preparing before your visit you can save yourself...
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A Top Tips guide to manual handling
17 June, 2013

How many of your employees regularly move heavy objects such as food supplies, bottle crates or rubbish bags on a daily basis? Typically, you and your staff...
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The Importance of SQC to Scotch Whisky
11 June, 2013

George Sim, the Scotch Whisky Association's TAC representative for Scottish Quality Crops discusses the important links between the two...
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The Brussels Seafood Expo
23 May, 2013

FCI’s Business Development Manager Yannis Boudouropoulos talks about his attendance at the Brussels Seafood Expo 2013.  This year’s show...
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Young Workers - Your responsibilities as employers
1 May, 2013

Most employers will, at some point in the week or seasonally, employ young workers. In the eyes of the law, these 'young workers' are classified as under 18,...
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Food Poisoning - How to avoid it and what to do if it happens in your venue
24 April, 2013

"Any pub, hotel or restaurant faces the risk of food poisoning and it's every owner/manager's job to ensure measures are taken to prevent it happening. Food...
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Health and Safety - Don't duck your responsibility
3 April, 2013

As an employer you are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all your employees regardless of whether they are full or part-time, casual or...
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Accident management - what to do when it all goes wrong?
5 February, 2013

"Today's 24/7 multi-media availability and hunger for news means that businesses have an incredibly small window to control incidents before they become...
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