Fish fraud threat needs to be addressed
11 November, 2015

2013’s Horsegate may go down as a watershed moment in the battle against food fraud for the red meat supply chain, but its undoubted impact on the wider...
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Acoura assist with food safety project in Zambia
17 September, 2015

In September 2015 I travelled to the Robert Shitima Project in Kabwe as a Trustee of its fund-raising charity, Zamcog ( The Orphanage and...
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Farmers need to address the industry’s health and safety issues
8 August, 2015

In the UK, agriculture is the most dangerous sector to work in, with fatalities up to 16 times more likely to happen than in the general workforce. Farming is...
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Acoura offer food labelling insight on BBC 5 Live
4 August, 2015

Special Advisor to the Acoura Board, Dr Lisa Ackerley, appeared on yesterday’s BBC Radio 5 Live afternoon show to discuss food waste and the importance...
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CDM 2015 an Acoura Guide
31 July, 2015

In April this year the regulations surrounding Construction Design Management (CDM) changed. Acoura’s CDM experts Pat Perry and Simone Harris-Stephens...
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Quality Assurance key to the Wild Venison sector
14 July, 2015

Jonathan Whitehead has worked for Acoura for around eight years, and is currently Livestock Schemes Technical Manager for the Agriculture Division. Prior to...
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Nobody is ready for BRC’s Vulnerability Assessments
30 June, 2015

With supply chains becoming increasingly complicated and food scares very much at the forefront of consumer and retailer consciousness, BRC have moved to...
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CDM Changes - what to expect
10 June, 2015

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 Pat Perry qualified as an environment health officer in 1978, and went on to establish her own...
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Engaging with Customers is only way to Provide the Service they need
3 June, 2015

Tim Bailey is Acoura's Managing Director of Agriculture and Food Manufacturing. "I joined SFQC (now Acoura) over 12 years ago, originally for a two-year post,...
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More work needs to be done to reduce campylobacter levels in chicken
28 May, 2015

Yesterday the Food Standard Agency (FSA) released the findings of a year-long study into campylobacter levels in store-bought chicken. The results, 73% of...
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Record fine for Northern Irish E.coli outbreak was completely avoidable
13 May, 2015

Last week, Flicks Restaurant of Belfast, was fined a record £110,000 for causing the largest E.coli occurrence ever recorded in Northern Ireland. The...
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Shared Parental Leave: what will it mean for food businesses?
30 April, 2015

This month’s guest article comes from Dawn Dickson of Davidson Chalmers and addresses the impact the Children and Families Act 2014 may have on your...
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Introducing the Responsible Fishing Scheme
23 April, 2015

Martin Gill, MD of Acoura Marine, previously Food Certification International, talks about his role and the group's involvement with the Responsible Fishing...
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New CDM Regulations
19 February, 2015

The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction...
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Protect your customers from Campylobacter poisoning
12 January, 2015

Every year campylobacter is responsible for over 280,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK, with 80% of those instances thought to be associated with raw...
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