Changes to Red Tractor Dairy Scheme Standards

18 September, 2013
Hilary Adams

Red Tractor’s Assurance For Farms Dairy Scheme have recently updated their standards, leading to a number of changes which will directly affect the farmer.

Here’s a summary of what has changed.

Revised Herd Health Plan (HHP)

Red Tractor’s new HHP has been introduced to improve recording of on-farm losses and to encourage farmersand vets to review underlying issues and look for ways to improve.

Information required to be recorded will include annual data on calf mortality and the number of cows killed on farm (including emergency slaughtering).

Vets will also be asked to assess herd health and performance through inspection of stock and the farmer’s record keeping.

Move towards DairyCo Scoring

As well as the revised Health Plan, new guidance notes aimed at directing farmers towards the Dairy Co scoring method are being developed. Using these mobility scores farmers will be recommended to check a sample of their herd on a six monthly basis.

The aim of using this scoring method is to help detect and treat lameness within the milking herd.

A full breakdown of the changes and how they affect farmers can be found at the Red Tractor Website To find out how we can help you with your farm assurance needs call us on 0131 335 6600.

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