Cutting corners in relation to health and safety can cost lives

30 August, 2012
Pat Perry

Pat Perry, the Executive Chairman at leading environmental health consultants, Perry Scott Nash, has fired a warning shot at industry, claiming that bosses who are cutting corners in relation to health and safety in the workplace, are knowingly endangering workers lives.

Describing some of the recently reported cases as "totally unacceptable in this, or any other century", Pat claims employers must do more to protect employees.

"It's no secret that we're in a time of economic difficulties and many, if not most businesses, are making cuts. But it would appear that health and safety responsibilities are a target for many of these cuts and as a by-product, the workplace and those in it, are suffering and in danger. What employers need to realise is that health and safety isn't a capital expenditure, it doesn't require huge investment, but does require respect for colleagues, workers and an understanding of your workplace and the risks contained within it. Line managers need to be reminded of their responsibilities and front line staff of the dangers, from something as simple as lifting to operating machinery. Keeping records up to date and carrying out regular risk assessments are key - these simple actions can dramatically impact the safety of a workplace and they can be implemented quickly and effectively." said Pat.

In conclusion, advice from Perry Scott Nash is that regular workplace health and safety reviews should take place as well as close scrutiny of best practice to look for potential danger to employees and the public.

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