Euro 2012 - Make sure it doesn't kick-off in your pub

13 June, 2012
Andy Cox

Between Friday 8th June and Wednesday 1st July 2012 Poland and the Ukraine play host to the European Football Championships.

Between these dates the football matches will be televised and shown in licensed premises across the UK with interested parties no doubt following the progress of Roy's men...through the group stages at least.

It's widely anticipated that customer numbers will increase during the tournament as a result of matches being shown on terrestrial TV, with the greatest number of customers expected for England games. With the number of England fans travelling to Euro 2012 likely to be the smallest travelling support for many tournaments, the risk of trouble during England matches may be even higher than first expected as stay-at-home fans watch in pubs.

However, there is a need to look beyond the prospect of physical aggression at times like this according to Andy Cox from leading health and safety consultancy, Perry Scott Nash: "In terms of a risk assessment we would also suggest people look at the following:

  • Underage sales
  • General health and safety during screenings of matches
  • Fire safety
  • Over occupancy
  • Public nuisance

As an employer, you are duty-bound to look after the safety of your staff and the safety of your customers. Here are a few considerations:

  • Review your premises occupancy figure and ensure this is known and adhered to by Managers and Door Supervisors on all days including Euro 2012 match days.
  • Fire measures should continue to be in place with routine checks and tests logged (e.g. fire alarm testing, emergency lighting tests etc).
  • All fire exit routes should be kept clear with no accumulations of combustible materials in public areas.
  • Consider measures to speed up service to prevent frustration/bottle-necks at the bar. Ideas may include: Pre-ordering, table service, pitchers, multiple sales of bottles, pre-pouring half pints, rounding up pricing to whole £'s.
  • Consider likely cash amounts. You may wish to arrange cash collections if you believe that the site will be handling large sums of cash.
  • Determine whether tables and chairs will need to be moved prior to football games. If tables are to be moved just prior to games then ensure that this message is effectively communicated to customers.
  • Review whether children should be permitted during match times - this will be determined by the nature of the premises, how busy it is expected to become, designated areas away from 'football'.
  • Ensure all security measures are present on the premises e.g. CCTV is working.
  • Review any existing restrictions on the premises licence.

Perry Scott Nash has completed a full risk assessment document that can be downloaded FREE of charge here

For further information and advice Contact Us.


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