Green light on serving rare burgers... not quite

11 February, 2014
Pat Perry

Pat Perry, Executive Chairman of leading health and safety consultants, Perry Scott Nash, believes that whilst Davy's Wine Bars won their case relating to serving rare burgers, it shouldn't be seen as the green light for all to follow.

"I would like to urge some caution on the back of this latest decision. At Perry Scott Nash we have always advocated that rare burgers are possible and they can be safe to eat, but there is a risk involved, as the likelihood of the burger being contaminated with food poisoning bacteria is high. It all revolves around HACCP and that starts with the supplier - as was a key part of Davy's defence - and follows the meat product through to preparation, cooking and service. HACCP isn't rocket science, but it can be difficult and it does take a bit of skill and knowledge to get it right. So, what's the solution? Consult with experienced Environmental Health / Food Safety Consultants and get them to review your processes and procedures and to help implement the necessary controls."

Pat added: "Having proper insurance cover should be a given - but some insurance policies may contain small print which states that failure to comply with the law could invalidate your cover. In order to ensure effective insurance it would be beneficial to employ consultants - it could be cheaper in the long run."

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