Packaging – Friend or Foe?

5 August, 2013
Robert Herridge

While out shopping the other day I spotted a cucumber. This was no ordinary cucumber though, it was a cucumber shrink-wrapped in plastic.

Horror of horrors I hear you say. But wait. There is a genuinely valid reason for this type of packaging. Let me explain.

In the good old days, we, or our parents, went shopping once or twice a week to the butcher, the greengrocer the baker and so on. Food was bought fresh and because we shopped every two or three days the food we had was consumed while still fresh. But times have changed and we now shop once a week, some of us less. While our shopping habits have evolved, we still expect supermarkets to have endless amounts of fresh produce for us to buy. Not only that, but many of us expect fresh produce to last anything up to two weeks until we go back for more.

In the UK we throw away almost a third of the food we buy. While food packaging often gets bad press, the reality is that good packaging can keep food fresher for longer and ultimately cut down on food waste. 

That wrapped cucumber you see in the supermarket can actually last 14 days longer than one without any packaging at all. Now that’s not so bad is it?

Guest Blogger Robert Herridge is Managing Director of Packology Ltd. Packology specialise in helping their customers find packaging solutions for their products. To find out how he can help your business you can contact Robert on or +44 (0)7971 508 421. Alternatively CLICK HERE to visit their website. 

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