Protect your customers from Campylobacter poisoning

12 January, 2015
Pat Perry

Every year campylobacter is responsible for over 280,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK, with 80% of those instances thought to be associated with raw poultry meat. The Food Standards Agency have been carrying out research into the levels of contamination of chickens sold in the retail sector and in their report published on 27th of November 2014, they concluded that campylobacter was present in 8 out of 10 chickens sold in the UK. Contaminated chicken is not just a problem for the domestic consumer – it affects the catering and food service sectors too. Indeed, the risks to the food service industry are far higher as a major food poisoning outbreak will cause irreparable damage to brand reputation, potential customer deaths, civil claims and even prosecution. There could also be a case of corporate manslaughter. Food businesses can protect themselves by following some simple rules: Buy chicken supplies from reputable, well known suppliers. Check them out, look at audit reports, ask for bacteriological test results if need be. Keep chicken separate from all other food sources to avoid the risk of cross contamination. Don’t let chicken juices contaminate surfaces. Do not handle chicken if possible. Do not wash chicken – it spreads the bacteria around. If you do handle raw chicken ensure you wash your hands afterwards. Cook chicken thoroughly until the juices are clear. Always thoroughly wash all utensils, surfaces and equipment which comes into contact with raw chicken. Good food safety management systems must be followed – follow HACCP principles and you will significantly reduce the risk of a food poisoning outbreak at your place of work. For more information on how we can help you with your food safety needs please contact us today on 01438 745771. 

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