Pubs need to take the lead on issues of violence involving dogs

14 June, 2012
John Haswell

Health and safety experts, Perry Scott Nash (PSN), have identified a worrying trend relating to violence in pubs involving customers and their dogs.

Recent incidents have included: A customer bitten by another customer's dog, an employee bitten by a customer's dog, a child bitten by a customer's dog, and a customer with a dog being asked to leave, resulting in the dog becoming aggressive on the street outside. As if these weren't worrying enough, there have been several incidents recently where customers have been using their dog to threaten other customers into giving them money/mobile phones etc.

Commenting, John Haswell of PSN, said: "Whilst this might seem like a niche problem, there's no doubt that there's been an upward trend in this area and worryingly so. In one case, two males were removed from a premises for fighting. The males were abusive to door staff outside and a fight then broke out. While door staff restrained the males another male approached with a dog, took its muzzle off and threatened to set the dog on door staff". Adding: "It's understood that the government are looking to increase the penalty for owners of aggressive dogs, but whether this will have an impact on this type of incident, we'll have to wait and see. These incidents do highlight the issue of having a policy on having dogs in pubs, remembering that in any case you must allow for the provision of assistance dogs within the premises".

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