Scotland’s Salmon Success

27 August, 2013
James Allan

Scottish salmon has long been one of aquaculture’s greatest success stories.

For a small nation to be the biggest aquaculture producer in the European Union is no minor achievement.

Today, salmon hatched, reared, inspected and processed in Scotland are sold to over 60 countries worldwide.

Enjoyed as close to home as France and now in greater quantities than ever in the USA and Japan, respect and appreciation for this fish is at an all-time high.

Scotland’s Minister for Environment Paul Wheelhouse recently announced that exports of Scottish salmon have grown by 13 percent. In the first half of 2013 sales rose to £150 million – up from £132 million year-on-year.

A lot of fish needs to be produced to supply a marketplace with that sort of demand.

Luckily, companies such as Marine Harvest and Scottish Sea Farms have recognised this and continue to invest heavily in the sector with multi-million pound developments underway at Loch Kishorn and Lochailort.

Setting up these farms is just the start though, the big selling point of Scottish salmon is its quality and that can only be achieved through hard work from the producer to ensure that their feed, health and living environment are all of a sufficiently high standard.

Much of the country’s export produce has to go through rigorous inspections for a variety of certification schemes and standards before entering the market.  These standards can range from Label Rouge to the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Fin Fish. All of them have their individual criteria and require a lot from the producer.

Over the years the team at FCI have been involved in innumerable audits and assessments to these standards (and more beside). And looking at the recent success of this Scottish product, I can say on behalf of all the team at FCI that it’s still a massive privilege to be part of the process. Here’s hoping that next year both exports and appreciation for Scottish salmon continues to grow.

For more information on the Aquaculture schemes and standards FCI can offer certification for please contact us today on 01463 223 039. 

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