Signs of the times - will your business have to comply in Jan 2013?

14 December, 2012
Richard Bartlett

Back in 2003, the International Standard for Organization (ISO) created the EN 7010 with the intention to use common symbols, which are internationally recognised across all safety signs.

The EN 7010 has been viewed as 'best practice' until now, however from January 2013 it will become a European Normative, with member states having to adopt the regulations as the standard.

Commenting, Richard Bartlett of Perry Scott Nash said: "The important message here is that, whilst the new EU Directive comes into play in January 2013, businesses will have time to make the transition, because it will not be a legal requirement until it is formally adopted by the UK. However, the chances are that any new signs you purchase from then on will comply with ISO 7010, which should not be displayed alongside the old-style BS 5499 signs, as mixing the two in one premises is a breach of the directions. Our advice is that businesses look to review their signage as part of a wider health and safety review and seek professional advice to ensure compliance. In the meantime, don't be scare mongered into spending a fortune on new signage without first understanding what you are required to do as this is unlikely to require a complete overhaul, but more like minor changes in certain areas".

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