Supplier Audits Reduce Food Processor Risks

15 July, 2013
Tim Bailey

If this year’s horsemeat saga has taught us anything about the food processing industry it’s that a little extra assurance can really improve both quality controls and customer confidence.

We’ve seen demand for third party, independent supplier audits increase greatly since the scandal hit national headlines in January, with SFQC’s team auditing plants across the UK, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe.

Though the common processing standards such as BRC are extremely rigorous and well respected, supplier audits allow our teams to go beyond their scope and examine areas which may be of concern to individual retailers.

We can either offer standard traceability audits, or more focussed, bespoke audits. These are often the most effective means of demonstrating to retail customers that suppliers meet all of their specific standards.

Rather than tying up internal resources, our independent audits also effectively cover all the key areas of concern succinctly and with minimal disruption to the processors working day. 

And with prices starting from as little as £400 and discounts available for multi-site inspections, we’re convinced that the demand for SFQC’s bespoke supplier audits will continue to grow as both consumers and buyers seek further safeguards for the increasingly complex food chain. 

Tim Bailey is Managing Director of SFQC. To find out more about SFQC’s Supplier Audit Service click here or contact us today. 

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