Testing the Water in Turkey

8 July, 2013
James Allan

With 34 aquaculture units producing over 30,000 tonnes of fish each year, Turkey’s Kiliç Group are one of Europe’s leading seafood producers.

Though sea bream and sea bass remain their biggest product in terms of volume, the demand for quality farmed trout has seen Kiliç become Turkey’s largest supplier.

Already quality focussed as a company, (their processing plants are certified to the relevant ISO, BRC and IFS standards) Kiliç Group have been quick to recognise the growing international requirement for assessment to specialised aquaculture assurance standards.

Just recently the Aquamarine Stewardship Council (ASC) have developed a new set of guidelines aimed specifically at trout producers, and Kiliç were immediately interested in taking part in the pilot.

Centred on improving environmental sustainability in the sector as well as health and safety and biodiversity, this new standard is being tested by Kiliç at their production facility in Kahramanmaras with our team providing the assessment.  

Though ultimately a trial run, we’re confident that what we both learn can help improve the standard and enable it to be tested at other international sites.

While we’ve been lucky enough to work globally on some extremely diverse and exciting projects, there’s always something a little bit special about trialling a new standard.

Our hope is that the pilot is a real success and that the Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s Trout Standard can offer those working in the industry a credible, practical quality assurance assessment that will benefit both their business and the consumers who buy their fish.

James Allan is Aquaculture Manager at FCI. To find out more about how we can help your business please feel free to contact us today. 

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