Use Christmas Menus to get ahead of upcoming regulations

16 September, 2014

With summer just about behind us and autumn on the horizon we find ourselves edging ever closer to the day when all food service providers must comply with the upcoming Food Information for Consumer Regulations (FICR).

While all restaurants, pubs and hotels serving food should be aware that the new legislation takes effect as of December the 13th we’re still conscious that there are businesses out there who have yet to prepare for the new legal requirements.

Under FICR everyone serving food to the public must be able to detail which allergens are present in each of their dishes. Failure to do so could lead to a hefty fine with no upwards limit set on how much offenders can be charged.

If you’ve not yet started to look at how you’ll respond to the new legislation you should definitely think about preparing now rather than closer to the deadline. 

One effective way to trial how you’ll display the information could be to look at your Christmas menu. With most businesses offering a seasonal change it gives you the perfect opportunity to review what you’ll serve, identify potential allergen hazards and think about how best to inform your customers.

Whilst December the 13th may seem like a long way off, there’s a very real feeling that some operators won’t be ready in time. So if you haven’t thought about how you’ll deal with the legislation PSN have a suite of solutions which can ensure your staff are prepared and your menus correctly reflect the allergens associated with your dishes.

For more information about how we can prepare and protect you please contact Pat Perry on +44(0)1438 74577

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