Scottish Quality Crops (SQC)

Membership details for the Scottish Quality Crops Farm Assurance Scheme.

The purpose of the SQC scheme is to provide consumers and industry parties with comprehensive assurance about production standards, food safety and environmental care. Formed in 1994, SQC members now account for around 90% of Scottish combinable crops.

Acoura Certification conduct all SQC assessments and approved members can enjoy a number of benefits.

Benefits can include: 

  • Issue of grain passport ensuring complete traceability
  • Gives you greater access to other market areas
  • Encourages good farming practices
  • Year-round technical guidance from Acoura’s staff
  • Where possible Acoura will combine assessments with other relevant farm assurance schemes

Quality assurance to SQC standards plays a big role in increasing both consumer and trade confidence through quality assurance and traceability in both home and export markets. Most major grain outlets now look for all grain intakes to be assured grain. 

The assurance process takes into account a variety of different areas such as use of fertilisers and manures, crop protection, harvesting, storage and haulage and staff assessments. Successfully approved members are supplied with a ‘grain passport.’ These passports are unique for each member, thus ensuring complete traceability.

Contact Acoura Certification for more details about joining the scheme.


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