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The QMS Feed Assurance Scheme is aimed at feed manufacturers and merchants who supply products to members of QMS.

Being a member of the QMS Feed Assurance Scheme has a number of different benefits.

Benefits can include:

  • Demonstrates to your customers your high standards and commitment to the Scottish red meat industry.
  • Recognition on the QMS website that your company is an integral part of the whole QMS Assurance chain.
  • Ability to supply feed to the majority of Scottish beef, sheep and pig farmers.
  • The right to use the QMS logo on company literature, stationary, feed packaging and delivery vehicles.
  • Can be combined with your other Acoura Certification assessments saving you time, hassle and money

Anyone selling compound feeds, blended feeds, feeds material, feed blocks, mineral or vitamin supplements, nutraceuticals or animal health supplements not requiring VMD licensing should consider joining this scheme.

It is a condition of membership of the QMS Assurance Schemes – Cattle, Sheep and Pigs that all feeds, supplements etc as listed above are sourced from manufacturers and merchants who are approved members of both the QMS Assurance Schemes - Feed and of AIC’s Universal Feed Assurance Scheme or a proven equivalent. Manufacturers and retailers of nutraceuticals and animal health supplements not requiring VMD licensing are exempt from the UFAS or proven equivalent standard as currently there is no industry wide scheme for their sector.

Contact Acoura Certification for more details about joining the scheme.


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