Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS)

Participant details for the Agricultural Industries Confederation’s (AIC) UFAS Scheme.

The AIC is the UK’s leading trade association representing the Agri-supply sector. As well as representing the interests of the industry through its lobbying activities, AIC has also developed a range of trade assurance scheme of which the UFAS scheme is one covering the production and trade of animal feeds.

Launched in 1998 the UFAS scheme has around 1000 participants and is the leading scheme of its kind in the UK and Ireland, covering almost 100% of commercially produced compound feed.

Based on robust HACCP principles and regularly updated to ensure continued industry best practice, the UFAS standard is now used by local authorities as part of their risk assessments of feed businesses.

Benefits of being a UFAS participant include: 

  • Ensures participants follow best practice
  • Helps meet demands of consumers, buyers and authorities
  • Forms part of a “due diligence defence”
  • Can result in fewer visits from Local Authorities and Trading Standards
  • Gives participants access to AIC technical information, briefings and seminars
  • Provides businesses with Certified Company status on assurance checker
  • Can be combined with other audits where relevant, saving time and hassle

To find out more about joining the UFAS scheme please contact Acoura Certification on 0131 335 6600 or email ufas@acoura.com 


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