Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) Assurance Scheme - Haulage

Membership details for the QMS Haulage Scheme.

All QMS farm assured livestock must be transported by a QMS assured haulier or an Assured British Meats (ABM) haulier in order for the livestock to retain their farm assured status.

Benefits can include:

  • Encourages better haulage and transport practices
  • Increases animal welfare levels
  • Gives processors and consumers greater confidence in product quality
  • QMS media and marketing campaigns raise the profile of assured meat

This scheme is applicable to anyone hauling livestock for Hire and Reward operating on a Standard National or International Licence.

Assessment covers a number of areas including vehicle condition and cleanliness, driver competence and conditions for the animals.

Following a successful inspection and approval, your details will be issued to meat wholesalers, auction marts, livestock marketing groups and the QMS website for the purpose of validating your assurance status.

Contact Acoura Certification for more details. 


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