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Red Tractor Farm Assurance Assured Dairy Farms (RTAFF) was established to provide assurances about dairy products to the consumer.

The RTAFF assessment focuses on safety and hygiene levels as well as the welfare of the animals involved.

Being a member of the Red Tractor Assured Dairy Farm scheme has a number of different benefits.

Benefits can include:

  • Proves to customers that your milk is of a high standard
  • Opens your milk up to a greater market
  • Acoura will combine audits wherever possible
  • Gives you year-round access to Acoura Certification's team of technical experts

The scheme is a first purchaser orientated scheme. This means that those “buying” the milk i.e. dairy companies, join the scheme and individual farmers consigning milk to them must be assessed to the RTAFF standards. Members must demonstrate strict adherence to the scheme standards which are monitored independently by Acoura every 18 months.

Acoura currently certifies 40% of the UK’s Red Tractor Dairies and as such are able to work with farmers to deliver combined assessments where possible.

Contact Acoura Certification for more details about joining the scheme. 


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