Membership Details for OF&G’s Farmers and Growers Organic Certification Scheme

OF&G is a leading UK organic control body with the reputation for practical, informed and efficient service. With over forty years’ experience in the sector, OF&G today certifies over half the organic land in the UK.

The organisation understands the importance of delivering thorough, reliable inspections and certification of organic food processing, farming, body care products and other enterprises. Since becoming the first body approved by the UK government to carry out organic inspection and certification, OF&G has consistently delivered high standards and value to support its licensees.

Working in partnership with OF&G, Acoura provides quality inspection services for all its certification programmes. Inspections delivered through this joint venture are widely regarded as setting the benchmark for the industry. They can often be combined with relevant farm assurance and food processing schemes - offering many potential benefits and significant time saving by removing the need for multiple inspections.

OF&G’s Organic Certification programme for farmers, growers and food businesses across the supply chain carries our expert guidance and is based on the European Organic Regulation (EC 834/2007) which forms the core standards to be adhered to by operators across the EU.

Benefits of being certified to OF&G’s standards can include:

  • Access to certification staff with direct industry experience to guide you through the steps of the certification procedures and the regulations
  • Access to organisation and regulatory bodies across the UK and EU
  • In-depth insight into the organic sector
  • Clear and simple value driven pricing structure
  • The highest organic standards recognised by all retailers
  • The organisation that speaks for over half of all UK organic producers

OF&G Members can also benefit from combined Red Tractor assessments. Click HERE for an application form or alternatively contact us today for further information about the scheme. 


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