Code of Good Practice for Scottish Fin Fish Aquaculture (CoGP)

Membership details for the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Fin Fish Aquaculture assurance scheme

Created in 2006 as a response to recommendations of the Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture, CoGP has grown to become the key standard of its type in Scotland and is an internationally recognised seal of quality and sustainability.

Being assured by Acoura Marine to Code of Good Practice standards comes with a number of different benefits. 

Benefits can include:

  • Proves to customers that your fish is of an extremely high quality
  • Differentiates yourself from competitors
  • Opens your product up to a wider market
  • Where possible Acoura will try to combine audits
  • Year-round technical guidance from the Acoura Aquaculture team

The scheme focuses on a number of areas surrounding aquaculture, but most importantly seeks to set out the responsibility of farmers and encourage increasingly high standards of management, environmental awareness and the production of quality food for the consumer.

Although annual inspections are thorough, covering over 300 individual audit points, initial assessments for new participants give us the chance to assess the current level of compliance and feedback on areas where improvement will be required.

Contact Acoura Marine for more details about joining the scheme.


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