Global Aquaculture Alliance - Best Aquaculture Practice (GAA BAP)

Membership details for the GAA BAP standard

The Best Aquaculture Practices standard has been developed to measure everything from animal welfare, to food safety and environmental responsibilities of businesses involved across the sector.

Designed by specialist technical committees with input from a broad range of stakeholders, BAP aims to promote the best possible practice for aquaculture farms.

Being assured by Acoura Marine to GAA BAP standards comes with a number of benefits. 

Benefits can include:

  • Helps you meet increasing retailer demands
  • Reassures consumers and buyers of produce quality
  • Helps with traceability
  • Differentiates you from competitors

Standards can be applied to a multitude of species; including seabass, sea bream, trout, turbot, crab and freshwater prawns.

Unlike other aquaculture standards, BAP covers areas such as chemical management, conservation of biodiversity and employee relations.

As such, the resulting standard can be considered one of the most comprehensive available to those working in the sector.

Currently, Acoura are one of a small number of service providers able to offer certification for the BAP Standards.

Although, applications for BAP need to be sent directly to the standard owner, the team at Acoura are more than happy to discuss the standard, its benefits and requirements with any interested parties.

Contact Acoura Marine for more details about joining the scheme.


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