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High quality fish need to be fed with high quality ingredients. GlobalG.A.P. recognise that quality compound feed is essential for assured aquaculture production. This scheme helps to specifically define the requirements of producers of compound feed for aquaculture.

The GlobalG.A.P. CFM rules and regulations were established to help aquaculture producers select appropriate and assured resources for suppliers of compound feed.

Being certified to GlobalG.A.P. Compound Feed Manufacturers standards can bring a number of benefits. 

Benefits can include:

  • Helps you meet increasing retailer demands.
  • Reassures consumers and buyers of a products quality. 
  • Helps with product traceability.
  • Differentiates yourself from competitors.
  • Proves to consumers that you care about fish welfare.

Acoura Marine was the first certification body to be accredited for the GlobalG.A.P. CFM scheme v2. In July 2010 - Acoura certified Havsbrun from the Faroe Islands, the first feed producer to be approved against the new version of the standard. We have subsequently certified numerous other major producers at a variety of sites.

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