Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for Scottish Farmed Salmon

Details for the Approval of Scottish Farmed Salmon under Protected Geographical Indication Product Certification Scheme.

Introduced by the European Commission in 1993, the Protected Geographical Indication label aims to assure consumers of the origin and qualities of foodstuffs from distinct geographic locations.

Among the produce which can receive PGI status is Scottish Quality Salmon.

Acoura Marine is fully approved to carry out all necessary checks against PGI inspection procedures and having your salmon approved by us comes with a number of benefits.

Benefits can include:

  • Proves to customers that your salmon is Scottish
  • Differentiates yourself from competitors
  • Opens your product up to a wider market
  • Enables you to tap into a growing market for food with clear provenance
  • Where possible Acoura will try to combine audits
  • Year round technical support from the Acoura Aquaculture team

PGI status prevents produce from other countries being labelled and passed off at consumer level as Scottish Farmed Salmon. This in turn increases the reputation and integrity of products which are labelled as the genuine article.

The Standards required for PGI approval apply to the production cycle in seawater and also extend to packing operations. For those Scottish based producers of Scottish farmed salmon who wish to gain approval under the PGI Standards you need to ensure that the packing station which processes and packs your salmon has also applied for approval to the relevant standards.

Contact Acoura Marine for more details about joining the scheme.


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