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Membership details for the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) Sustainable Fishing Standard  

The MSC Sustainable Fishing Standard was developed to recognise fisheries that operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Using a product label as a reward, assured fisheries will be able to demonstrate to increasingly aware customers that their seafood has been sourced ethically in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Having Acoura certify your fishery to MSC’s Sustainable Fishing standards comes with a number of major benefits.

Benefits can include:

  • Proves to customers that your fish has been responsibly sourced
  • Differentiates yourself from competitors
  • Promotes responsible fishing
  • Helps you tap into a growing area of consumer interest
  • Allows approved produce to use the MSC label
  • Opens your product up to a wider market
  • Year round technical support from the Acoura team

Currently, Acoura are one of only a handful of certification bodies fully accredited to provide assessment and certification to the Marine Stewardship Council's Sustainable Fishing and Chain of Custody Standards.

Certification to MSC Sustainable Fishing Standards is extremely thorough and entails both a pre-assessment and full assessment as well as ongoing annual surveillance audits of certified fisheries.

These assessments cover a number of performances indicators depending on the specific nature of the fishery.

Contact us for more details about the MSC Sustainable Fishing Standard.


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