Acoura One - Combined BRC Audits 

Acoura Integrated offers customers streamlined BRC Audits with combined Red Tractor or MSC Chain of Custody inspections included.

Acoura Integrate combines BRC V7 and either Red Tractor Meat Processing or MSC Chain of Custody Audits into one completely seamless inspection. 

Using our leading technology solutions Acoura auditors can easily ensure that all aspects of both standards are covered off in one single site visit.

Better still, we can pass on efficiency savings to our customers, ensuring they pay for ONE audit rather than TWO. 

Benefits to your business:

  • You pay for one audit rather than two
  • Reduced site visits will reduce hassle
  • Save time with streamlined non-conformance responses
  • Access to one contact for all your compliance needs
  • Ongoing preferential rates for other services 

Contact Acoura Certification for more details about Acoura's Integrated audit solutions. 


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