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The Asda Annual Audit (AA) is specific to sites that manufacture own label products for the retailer. The audit is intended as an additional module to the BRC Global Food Standard audit and is combined with this larger audit.

Eligible sites (Asda Brand manufacturers) can undertake the Asda AA module in association with their unannounced BRC audit. Note that Asda now require their Pet Food suppliers to opt into the Asda AA bolt-on module. Additionally, Free From suppliers are also required to have the Asda AA module. 

The BRC and Asda AA module on-site audit consists of the following seven stages:

  • Opening meeting
  • Production facility inspection
  • Document review
  • Traceability challenge
  • Review of production facility inspection
  • Final review of findings by the auditor(s)
  • Closing meeting

If you manufacture Asda branded food products and have BRC Global Food Certification, then this audit will be undertaken at the same time as your BRC unannounced audit. The audit will be conducted annually.

Acoura can combine your BRC and Asda Audit into a single visit, saving you time and hassle. Contact us for more details about Acoura's integrated services. 


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