BMPA Pork Schemes

Membership details for the British Meat Processing Association (BMPA) Pork Scheme

The BMPA is the leading trade association for the meat processing sector. As part of their commitment to raising product quality and standards across the sector they own and manage a number of assurance schemes and modules for pork and pigmeat producers.

These include:

  • Pork: BMPA Pig Welfare and Slaughter & BMPA Quality Assured Pork (BQAP)
  • Bacon: BMPA Quality Assured Bacon
  • Ham and Cooked Pork: BMPA Quality Assured Ham and Cooked Pork
  • Sausage: BMPA Quality Assured Pork Sausage

Recognised across the industry the BMPA pork scheme underpins Red Tractor’s Assured Food Standards for Pork.

Through our partnership with the BMPA, Acoura can offer combined audits with BRC Food Safety V7 and Red Tractor Meat Processing.  

Benefits to working with Acoura can include:

  • Opportunity for significant joint audit savings
  • Year-round technical guidance from the Acoura processing team
  • Combined audits where applicable
  • Group discount for businesses with multiple sites
  • Significant savings for multi-year contracts

To find out more about how Acoura can help you by contacting us today on 0131 335 6608.


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