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Having certification for BRC’s Global Standard for Food is vitally important for food processors looking to demonstrate the quality and safety of their products to retailers of all sizes.

Having Acoura Certification provide you with your BRC audit can come with a number of major benefits.

Benefits can include:

  • Opportunity for significant joint audit savings
  • Year round technical guidance from the Acoura processing team
  • Combined audits where applicable
  • Group discount for businesses with multiple sites
  • Significant savings for multi-year contracts
  • Free pre-evaluation assistance by telephone or email

Operating across the UK, Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe, Acoura audit a number of diverse and well established processing businesses to BRC standards. Covering all 18 of the BRC food categories, our customers’ products range in scope from raw meat and poultry, to alcoholic drinks and ready meals.

Working with our customers, our processing team can also combine BRC audits with other popular inspections – saving them time hassle and money.

Contact Acoura Certification for more details about joining the scheme.


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