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UK legislation now requires all retailers selling food to inform their customers of the allergens present in their products. 

With an increasingly complex food supply chain, complying with these requirements can be time consuming and open to error. With this in mind Acoura have developed a range of cost effective services aimed at reducing the allergen risk to your customers.

Benefits of our Allergen Advice can include:

  • Improved food safety standards
  • Reduced risk to customers
  • Reduced risk of insurance claims and negative PR
  • Helps reduce demand on your time and resource
  • Helps you meet legislative requirements

Among the allergen advice services we can provide are reviews and audits of your products and labels, guidance on how best to communicate allergens to your customers and implementation of due diligence systems aimed at reducing cross contamination risks.  

We are also able to offer allergen training to your staff as well as access to our online menu building system which can quickly and easily identify allergens present across your product range.

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